Home Apex is continuing to grow and is on the lookout for additional writers to produce interesting and useful content for the website.

We’re looking to build ongoing working relationships with people who know what they’re talking about and are passionate about DIY and home improvements.

If you fit this description and want to share your knowledge and experience, please read the guidelines below.

Guest Posting Guidelines


We are looking for detailed content that answers questions and provides solutions. What we are not looking for, and what we won’t accept, is thin content written solely for generating a link to your website.

  • Minimum word count of 1200 (no maximum). This should enable you to fully explain a concept or process.
  • Add links to relevant resources such as health and safety regulations, case studies, government bodies, laws and bylaws – anything that further helps the reader understand the topic.
  • Use at least one image and more if possible, especially if you’re writing a case study about a job you’ve done or you’re describing a process. Please include relevant attribution for the images. Please respect copyright laws and don’t use Google’s Image Search to source images. Instead, use of the many free image sites like Pixabay, Death to Stock or Flickr. If we suspect you’re using an image without permission, we won’t publish it and will look for an alternative.
  • We prefer original content, but we will republish a great article you’ve already published on your blog. We’ll set up the article so you get attribution too. We do this by setting the ‘canonical URL’ to your page.
  • We may edit your post at any time. This includes adding or removing: text, broken or irrelevant links, images, videos, affiliate links.
  • We may change the title at any time.
  • We may add affiliate links to your post.
  • We will place display ads on your post.
  • Please go into as much detail as possible and answer every possible question the reader might ask.


Easily scannable pages work best on the internet. People want to quickly find what they are looking for so they can get on with life.

For these reasons, we recommend:

  • Attention-grabbing headlines. A great headline will generate more clicks from Google than a boring one.
  • Great photography/images. The web is a very visual medium and images often help explain an idea or process easier than words.
  • Short paragraphs. Large blocks of text put people off reading – keep your average paragraph between four and five sentences.
  • Bullet points.
  • Sub-headers. We typically use h2 (heading 2) tags for sub-headers within a post.
  • Use bold and italic text for emphasis, but don’t overdo it.
  • Create your article in Google Docs and send us a sharable link.


We allow one link to your own content within the body of each post. Please also link to other relevant pages on the internet and on this site.

  • You can include one link to your own content/website.
  • We may add more links to your posts if we feel they improve the user experience.
  • Please link to at least one article on this site. Feel free to link to more than one if it makes sense.


Include a short byline for your guest post. You can link to your website and social media accounts. The anchor text to your website must be your company name, not keywords.

Guest Post Lifespan

All articles stay on the site for at least twelve months, after which time, if it’s not working for any reason, we may remove it or ask you to rewrite and improve it.


Home Apex generates income from advertising and promoting affiliate products. We may use your article to promote or link to an affiliate offer.

Social Media

We’ll share your guest post on our social media channels.

Your Obligations

  • To check your document for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before sending it over (the less editing we have to do, the better!).
  • To include at least one image in your article with relevant attribution. It’s hard to get an image out of a Google Doc, so in your article, add a link to its place on the web so we can find it.
  • To link to at least one post on Home Apex from your article.
  • You’re not obliged to do this, but we’d love it if you shared your post on your social media channels.

Write for Us/Submit a Guest Post

If you are happy with everything and want to write for us, please complete this form.