Which Door Handles are Best for You?

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It may seem like a simple decision to make at first, but once you start looking for internal door handles you’ll soon realise, like with many products, there’s much more to door furniture than meets the eye!

All of a sudden you’ll find out that there’s quite literally hundreds of models, styles and finishes of door handles to choose from. All of which have a different price tag attached.

There’s also of course many accessories for you to consider, door hinges, latches, mortice locks, escutcheons…. and more, so before long you’ll no-doubt be in a spin not knowing which door handles are best for you.

So, the question is which are the best door handles for you?

The first step in choosing the right door handles for you, is to work out what you’re prepared to pay.

Count the internal doors in your home, noting the total number along with those doors that will need key locks or bathroom locks, which can either be bought separately or within door handle packs that include all you need.

Set a realistic maximum budget that you’re comfortable with paying, whilst keeping in mind locking and bathroom doors will usually cost slightly more than non-locking doors due to the additional items of door furniture you’ll need.

Square Rose Door Handle Pack
Square Rose Door Handle Pack – Only £11.75 at time of writing

Once you have summed up the amount you’re willing to pay, the next step is to consider your homes interior, the decoration and your furnishings, or if still building, renovating or redecorating, the look you’re trying to achieve.

Think about the style of door handles that will complement their surrounds, as of course every property differs, and handles that would look great in a contemporary home won’t necessarily fit in a traditionally decorated and furnished property.

Similarly, Victorian brass or black antique door handles are unlikely to suit an ultra-modern interior.

The next consideration you should make is who will be using the handles.

With youngsters at home you could find that polished stainless steel or chrome door handles will need cleaning frequently from where their grubby little mitts leave marks.

Satin brushed stainless steel door handles, brushed chrome or even duo finished, a mixture of both polished and brushed finishes will involve less effort to keep clean.

In addition to keeping them clean, with the height door handles are fitted, avoiding door handles with pointed or sharp levers will minimise the damage young children can do to themselves if and when an accident occurs.

Another point to give thought to with the finish, is if you’re fitting the handles within a coastal property, then grade 304 or even 316 stainless steel door handles would be advised due to better resistance to corrosion.

Brushed Stainless Steel Door Handles – Only £5.55 at time of writing

Keeping style and design in mind, if there are users at home who suffer from arthritis or have reduced hand mobility, then doorknobs or even narrow lever handles may be more awkward for them to operate.

Other types of lever door handles that have a wider diameter, straight cylindrical or even return to door lever handles are more suitable for disabled and those with restricted hand movement.

Return to door handles
Disabled Door Handles with Satin Return to Door Lever – Only £8.59 at time of writing

So, now that we’ve detailed the steps involved in choosing which door handles will be best for you, hopefully we’ve narrowed the options down somewhat and you’re a little more clued up on what you’re looking for.

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