Plastering Tools

Last Updated on July 28, 2021

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If you find yourself involved in a home improvement project such as hanging drywall, painting or wallpapering a room, having the proper plastering tools is essential. Fortunately, all of these items are available at your local hardware store or online.

Let’s take a look at the plastering tools you need.

Plastering trowel

A trowel is an important plastering tool that allows you to smooth the plaster after applying it to the wall. This tool is used to flatten the plaster down over the area intended for plastering. It’s important to have a good, clean surface on the trowel to provide for a uniform finish.

Marshalltown MPB145GSD 14x5-inch Gold Stainless Steel...
  • Crafted from the highest quality hardened and tempered golden stainless steel to provide ultimate strength and durability.
  • Broken-in shape eliminates line and ripple marks and allows you to use the trowel from day one.
  • Aluminium alloy mountings are fully heat treated for strength and machine finished to ensure an ideal handle-to-post-fit.
  • Marshalltown trowels are not welded, therefore is no embrittlement problem to cause premature breaking.
  • Resilient DuraSoft handle provides a soft feel, reduces fatigue, and offers excellent durability.

Plastering hawk

A hawk is used by the professionals to carry the plaster with them as they move down the wall. An advantage of this, over carrying plaster in a pan or working from the bucket directly, is the amount of drywall compound that can be picked up by the trowel in each “scooping” action.

As plaster sticks to the hawk after a few seconds the hawk can be tipped up at a 90 degree angle whilst scooping plaster off with the trowel.

OX OX-P010513 Plaster Hawk 330mm×330mm - Aluminum...
  • HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM BLADE: The Plastering Hawk blade is manufactured from high quality tempered aluminium to give you a premium quality product.
  • SOFT GRIP HANDLE: The soft grip sponge rubber handle of the OX Plastering Hawk ensures optimum comfort and protection from blisters and callus.
  • PRECISION ALUMINUM BLADE: The tempered aluminium blade is machine finished with rounded corners to prevent mortar from sliding over.
  • TOUGH AS AN OX: Precision manufacturing controlled by strict quality control measures ensure you get the best Plastering Hawk that lightweight yet extremely durable.
  • GENEROUS BLADE AREA: The dimensions of the blade is 330mm x 330mm to allow a generous amount of mortar to be held for plastering.

Mud pan

A mud pan can be used instead of a hawk for the less experienced plasterer. While it can be more wasteful, time consuming and laborious scooping plaster material out of the pan, it is harder to spill material onto the floor with the pan than with a hawk.

Stanley 005867 305mm 12iInch Stainless Steel Mud Pan
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Material will not leak from pan
  • Stainless steel
  • Ideal plastering/dry lining accessory

Utility knife/scissors

A utility knife or scissors will help cut plaster tape to size. The utility knife is employed to square out the edge of the hole to be plastered over if repairing damaged walls. Straight edged holes are easier to smooth over for an even surface.

Utility Knives with 10 Blades, Acetek Box Cutter Portable...
  • 【Safely Designed】 The universal cutter knife has a lock-back design and a small plastic protection on the tip, which guarantees safe use. With a variety of security features to protect yourself...
  • 【Solid construction】 Our cutter knives are made of stainless steel and are equipped with high-quality anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The SK5 inserts have a high hardness, abrasion...
  • 【Easy to use and carry】 Press the button on the knife, you can easily change the blade without using tools. The stainless steel belt clip can be attached directly to the bag or belt. The...
  • 【Can Opener Function】 This is a multi-function tool, it is not only a utility knife, but also can be used as a can opener. It is a very a pratical tool for dailylife.
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A wet sponge is used to smooth out unevenness that may occur after plastering the wall.
Coarse grit sandpaper is used quickly to smooth out large areas of rough unevenness, and then the finer grit is used to finish up the area.

3M 20320UK Sandblaster Sandpaper Abrasive Sheets P320 Fine...
  • Sandblaster Sandpaper - for high performance sanding on any surface.
  • Fine P320 grit, ideal for between coats or final finish
  • Aluminium Oxide mineral, stays sharp for a professional finish
  • Resists clogging, cuts up to 3 times faster, lasts up to 3 times longer
  • 9"X 11"sheets, ideal for cutting or tearing to size

Jointing knife

A jointing knife is essential for defining a straight line and edging into tight spaces such as corners and those areas that are tight, such as between a window near the wall and the wall that is perpendicular to it. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes as needed. Angled jointing knives help reach hard to reach angles.

Silverline 675241 Jointing Knife 150 mm
  • Flexible ground and polished steel blade
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • 150mm

Step ladder

A step ladder is an invaluable tool for reaching the holes in the walls at the higher areas. Try to get a ladder which includes a pan shelf at the top. You can carry the materials and tools you are using in the pan to reduce fatigue and time spent going up and down the ladder.

Hailo 8160-601 L60 safety ladder, 6 steps, multifunction...
  • Deluxe Aluminium - 6 tread steps; Certified to EN131 - 150 kg / 23.6 St.
  • Large practical tray with holders for specific tools, bucket hook, and cable clamp
  • Wide, 8cm deep aluminium treads with non-slip ribbing
  • 10 year guarantee, made in Germany
  • Easy Clix interchangable feet system available as accessory with different feet for garden or inside use


Never discount the importance of a couple of buckets of clear, fresh water for keeping tools clean and for wetting the sponge during the project.

Draper 31687 Bucket, 14.8L, Black
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 14.8 Litre
  • Materials: Polyethylene

Other tools you might need

  • Plasterboard and drywall scarifier – Used to scratch the surface of plasterboard / drywall prior to plaster being applied
  • Paint brush – For wetting down dry surfaces usually by flicking the water from the brush rather than direct contact
  • Pad saw – For cutting holes in, or trimming plasterboard / drywall
  • Straight edge – To check the finished surface is flat
  • Hacksaw – For cutting angle bead to length
  • Spirit level – For checking the finished surface is level
  • hammer – For removing any unwanted lumps and bumps prior to the plaster being applied
  • Dustsheet – To protect floors and furnishings